Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whitehorse Adventure - Day 13: Whitehorse to Boya Lake Provincial Park

Day 13 (503km traveled) - We got an early start leaving Whitehorse.  The original plan was to go to the junction with the Alaska Hwy and Hwy 37 and see what was going on with the forest fire just south of the Yukon/BC border and try to get through the fire area the following day. 

We got to the junction around 2:30 and only a few cars were waiting.  After talking to the person at the barrier we learned that the next pilot car to drive through the active burn area would be leaving in 20mins!  This gave us just enough time to get some gas and grab some snacks out of the trailer before the pilot left.  We were concerned that the kids would rebel since the campground we were heading to was a 70-80 km south of the junction and we had already been in the truck for many hours.  (They were amazing troopers and perked up with the possibility of sugary snacks and chips - which they don't usually get in the car!)

The fire was mostly out where we were driving through, but we did see some flames.  It was about a 20 min drive following the pilot car through the most active part of the fire and then another 10-15 min driving past burnt bush after the pilot car turned around.

We got to Boya Lake Provincial Park around 4-4:30 pm and were happy to find that there was no smoke from the fire.  Most of the sites are right on the lake.  There weren't that many people there so we got a pretty awesome site.  It may have been our best site yet ever!

Boya Lake is one of those impossibly green lakes.  Our Site backed right onto the lake so we spent some quality time throwing rocks into the lake (of course) and wading in the water.  The boys got totally soaked in the cold water so that was the end of that game.

After dinner Dave went to go harass the fish attempt to catch a fish.  Of course they were wise to his tricks and the only interest that his hook got was from the minnows that stole his bait.  His adventure ended when his lure got caught on something on the bottom.  Rather than cut the line he chose (even though his wife thought he was crazy) to get his swimsuit on just before bedtime and go into the water to retrieve it.  I, being his doting wife (whew - managed not to laugh out loud on that one), took pictures helped him.

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